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Karcher SC1020 Steam Cleaner Review - The Karcher SC1020 is a very compact steam mop, with a vacuum cleaner like design, and much loved by many customers. With a water tank of a litre, a child safety lock and 3.2 bar pressure, the SC1020 is definitely worth the price. That said, it takes around the 8 minute mark from switching on actually […]
Holme Steam Mop HSM2001 Review - The Holme HSM2001 floor head uses the three corners as we’ve seen with a lot of successful mop designs. This simply ensures the floor head can reach difficult areas and it gives added flexibility. One great feature is the automatic cut off when in the upright position. So if you need to take a break […]
Vax V6 home master Vax S6 Home Master Steam Cleaner - As with the Vax S5, this little steam cleaner is a nice addition to everyone’s home. It’s a good (although not best) solution to various cleaning problems around the home – the greasy cooker, the oven with stuck on grime, the cat’s bed, the dirty windows, the floors with children’s foot and hand prints from fun in […]
What accesories will you receive? Vax S2S Bare Floor Pro Steam Cleaner Review and Tips - Vax triumphs again The latest steam mop by Vax is the wondrous Bare Floor Pro S2S. Lightweight and easy to assemble and handle, the Pro oozes sophistication. It weighs just less than 3kg, similar to most machines of this size and design. The water tank capacity is 500ml with a separate detergent tank at the […]
Vax S2 Hard Floor Master Upright Review - We can start off by saying that the Vax brand name is well know and reliable. This should put you at ease, as Vax have been producing high quality products for years and years. Their products are robust, advanced and they do the job they’re supposed to do. The Vax S2 Hard Floor Master Steam […]
black & decker steam mop Black & Decker FSM1600 Steam Mop Review - A tiny 15 seconds is all it takes from switching this Black & Decker on to the product being ready to use. The water tank contains up to 0.5 litres and there are no running costs as you only need steam to clean the floors. Of course, no need for detergents or disinfectants as the […]
Easy steam 2 in 1 Easy Steam 2 in 1 Green 1500w Review - Too easy for a steam cleaner? With just under half a litre water tank, the Easy Steam 2 in 1 provides a staggering hour’s usage, a time longer than most other mops can manage (with larger capacities). Very similar to the H2O X5, this product doubles as a proper hand steam cleaner by removing attachments. […]
The Day I Threw Out My Mop - Why I bought a steam mop cleaner For the last 20 years I have owned a bakery in London, providing customers regularly with bread, sandwiches and other assortments of tasty products. Running our bakery is tiring. We get to work at 5am every day except Sundays to start preparing the food and cooking bacon and […]
Those kitchen areas a steam cleaner can easily clean - Tips on cleaning your kitchen There are some key areas in your kitchen which will be really ideal to clean with a steam cleaner. These are areas such as… Cooker hobs This is one of the key areas where grease accumulates after cooking with oil and grease producing foods. After a while (and with high […]
Steam cleaning after your children - It’s a never ending battle cleaning up after your little ones.  Babies starting to crawl often drag their food around with them, across floors and carpets, not to mention the dribbles and vomit! Toddlers are also creative in the ways that they leave mess and dirt. At this age they are more mobile so can […]
Morphy Richards 70495vax s2s accessoriesH2O X5 steam cleanerBissell-steam-cleaner-57F4Ebissell steam mopblack & decker fsmh1621
Power Cord Length/metres5865.55.56
Refreshes CarpetsYesYesYesNoNoYes
Start up Time/seconds303030Unknown3015
Usage Time/minutes151530Unknown1511-16
Reusable Floor PadsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Water Tank0.4l0.5l0.4l0.5l0.5l0.35l
All floor typesYesYesYesHard floors onlyHard floors onlyYes
UK Warranty1 year2 years1 year1 year1 year2 years
Floors/other surfacesBothJust floorsBothJust floorsJust floorsBoth
Variable steamNoYesYesNoNoYes
Removable Water TankYesYesNoYesYesYes

Heard of steam cleaning?

Steam mops are a great alternative to the old fashioned methods. Traditionally households used harsh chemicals and a dirty mop which would sit in a bucket for months on end, harbouring bacteria and germs.  Even warm soapy water won’t rid of the bacteria growth, yet this method was and is used. I find it hard to understand why some commercial environments still use this method. Steam mopPerhaps it’s worth highlighting the importance and benefits of using a steam mop. It’s environmentally friendly, too, as detergents are not really needed, though some manufacturers do provide detergent tanks for the user.

  • Hygiene

It’s well know that the majority of bacteria is killed using steam. The hot water is enough to eradicate bacteria such as salmonella for up to 7 days. A perfect environment for bacteria growth is your kitchen floors and work surface. Preparing food and spillages often lead to food poisoning due to poor handling, which is why cleaning with steam is advisable.

  • Dirty water

When a traditional mop is used, warm or maybe hot water is used in a container which cools down during use. This is a perfect breeding ground of bacteria and usually the mop will simply displace the dirt from one area of the floor to another. The dirty water is unlikely to reach temperatures high enough to kill bacteria.

  • Water spillage

Often when using a traditional mop, the water used cannot be controlled so you find that dipping the mop head into the bucket and onto the floor will create pools of water that mean waiting extended periods of time to dry.

  • Effortless

Using a steam mop is effortless. Yes they weigh more, but you only need to glide it across your floors to clean. There is no need to scrub the floor as the steam does all the work.

  • Washable pads

In most cases the cleaning pads which you attach to the floor head can be washed, saving you the need to replace the pads regularly. After a while the pads do need replacing, but we’ve found ours will last a least 6 months before needing to be replaced.

One of our steam mop reviews – the Vax S2S Bare Floor Pro



  1. Sunny D's Gravatar Sunny D
    October 18, 2012    

    If everyone knew about steam mops, they’d be purchased for every home. Most people either don’t clean their floors or they use a mop.

  2. Jay Randle's Gravatar Jay Randle
    October 30, 2012    

    Good article. I never seem to see much dirt when I use mine, but at least I know it’s sterlizing my floors.

  3. Anbytr's Gravatar Anbytr
    November 5, 2012    

    Looking forward to seeing more reviews.

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